I passed my AINS 24 Exam today!

My exam was scheduled for 8:30am this morning at Prometrics. I got there around 7:20am and called back around 7:50am. I had been stressing about this exam for some time now and so far, only 1 person to my knowledge has failed it. I definitely didn’t want to be a second. It was very nerve racking, but as soon as I started it, my nerves calmed down a bit and I sailed right through. I’ll get my scores in a couple days (probably Sunday), but for now, they just tell you whether you passed or failed. Time to relax and celebrate with an Aaron Lewis concert tonight and Felicia’s birthday party tomorrow night. This is going to be a good weekend!

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Got the new Fitbit Charge HR today

Went and bought the new Fitbit Charge HR this evening from Target to start tracking steps and heart rate. Time to get back in shape!

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