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Konor got a drone from Santa. I think he can fly it better than I can lol. Unfortunately, the weather isn’t drone friendly for us to fly it out in the field, but here he is trying it out in the living room for the first time. The drone transmits video to his new iPhone 7 and you can record directly off the phone or take pictures with it.

The program I used to put the videos together like this compressed the videos a lot, but you still get the idea. It’s pretty cool.


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The boys taking the ice this morning for their semi-final matchup against Austin. Konor got 2 goals and we won 7-2, so we’re on to the championship game at 3:15pm against the Amarillo Bulls.

Let’s go Oil Kings!!!

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Soooo…. we go to put the hockey equipment in the rental SUV after Konor’s hockey game and start heading back home to find all of our suitcases opened and scattered. Yup… someone broke into the rental. They stole both of our pistols and Konor’s phone. Can’t catch a break!!!

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I missed the goal, but Konor got the assist and I captured the announcer saying his name. I wish I didn’t stop recording because shortly after he said his name, the announcer said, “Also known as Stormin’ Norman”

I guess Konor just got a new nickname 😂😂😂

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Way to go Oil Kings!!! Excellent teamwork against Little Rock in the 7-2 win tonight.

Konor got his first goal 🥅 as an Oil King tonight, but I didn’t get it on video. I did get this beauty off the face off by Jack, however.

Justin Franklin

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UPDATE on our eventful night:
Whiplash all around. Had the boys checked out and Kinsler has the worst of it. Poor guy 😞 He was taking a nap when it happened.

And to top it off, the girl that hit us did NOT have insurance NOR a drivers license!!!!!

Our vehicle doesn’t look too bad in the pic, but it’s definitely a little beat up back there. It jacked up the rear door, muffler, left a big whole in the bumper, all the sensors and back up camera. It drives rough and there’s a God awful rattle. Yay!!!

Only had it for about a month and the first payment is due tomorrow…